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 Nintendo Unveils Wii U

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Nintendo Unveils Wii U Empty
PostSubject: Nintendo Unveils Wii U   Nintendo Unveils Wii U I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 07, 2011 1:29 pm

Nintendo Unveils Wii U Wii-u
No TV Required!!!

Nintendo introduces Wii U at E3

Nintendo Unveils Wii U R-NINTENDO-WII-U-3DS-E3-large570

Woohoo Nintendo! Very Happy

Check out Nintendo Wii U demonstration:

Nintendo Wii U Demo

Read the article on huffington post. Follow the following link.

Nintendo Unveils Wii U

another article from joystiq, their live blog;
Nintendo E3 2011 keynote, live from the Nokia Theater


Well well well, it seems that Nintendo is announcing that the new console will be called the Wii U. It's like an updated version of the Wii, but with some awesome stuff it has. BTW, the controller for the Wii U looks pretty interesting and cool. Also, it says that it'll come next year in 2012. I herd the info about it from my dad on my iPhone 4. Anyway, let's hope that the new Wii console will be awesome! Very Happy

(EDIT: I change the post's name to "Nintendo Unveils Wii U" plus I added more info from my website.)

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Nintendo Unveils Wii U
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