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 Trextrex65's stupidity

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Trextrex65's stupidity Empty
PostSubject: Trextrex65's stupidity   Trextrex65's stupidity I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 22, 2011 8:49 pm

Hello everyone on this forum and I like to present you, you know that broken English, Yemen and childhood Trexshit6fuck. He was my good friend two years ago until when he saw DevilraptorB comment that I haven't talk much, he start attack me. He keep uploading random hate video of me and keep doing that. Since he got his drawing skill, he keep drawing hate art what he hate. 
Whn the Mugenite find out that Trextrex don't respect Mikle jacksen, they had to bash his team and Trextrex keep making hate video of more. He hate girl, nude, my Mugenite character and other who against him. Whatever he saw bad comment about Him, he keep doing that. Until Donald stop the wars and told him to say sorry.

Few month later, he keep hate anyone what he hate again. Now he hate DRB an Fonald and his friends. He hate Dinosaur because someone fool him. He also make another YouTube account and pretend to be someone else. Since he close both of his account, he return to his new account couple time and keep doing that. This tine, he trolling Nintendo fan and characters. What ever I tried to suit him wrong, he think I'm an idiot kid. Trextrex talk like kid. He love teenage ninja turtle, Crash, Gex and kid stuff. What kind of 20 year old person is that? He don't look like he 20. If he tell the truth, well their ate stupid person around the world you don't know.

I was spying his YouTube account and he was offline for 3 month. I guess that YT force him to link to his account to googlemail. If he refuse, he can't be login. I not sure he comeback or got his Googlemail.

Also I was spying his Delviantart account and he was offline or 6 days. Not sure he comeback, but if he offline about 2 or 3 week, he might leave dA and YT or the Internet.

Well, do you have to say about this little baster?

Trextrex65's stupidity Leonthegreat
Trextrex65's stupidity UMVCJetgoshi
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Trextrex65's stupidity
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